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 Thursday, August 16th

Conceptual Solutions
Itensive Care Unit
Medical Gas Network

Conceptual Solutions
Conceptual Solutions

Conceptual Solutions for
New Installations and Modernisation

Ermedi International has ample experience in studying its clients’ specific needs and provides the most suitable conceptual solutions for brand new installations and projects of modernisation. Through close collaboration with the client, the consultant and the architect, innovative solutions are sought to ensure effective patient care.

Ermedi International's applications are:
• Modular operating room
• Operating theatre
• ICU and recovery room
• CSSD (sterilization)
• Furniture and equipment in patient room
• Hospital curtains & wall protection
• Mortuary
• Medical gases
• Nurse call system

Ermedi International's priority are:
• Respect of applicable safety norms
• Awareness and respect of traffic movement regulations
• Fight against infection
Ermedi International will be present at Medexpo East Africa 2007 - 9/12 March , Dar-Es-Salaam, TANZANIA...
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