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INFECTION CONTROL Abu Dhabi N.E.C 11-13Th October 2009
Adexano® presents the latest generation in nano-disinfection with multifunctional properties. The number of microbial infections has increased tremendously, particularly in the clinical sector. Therefore, the control of communicable diseases and the reduction of infective foci has become a special challenge. The number of patients who fatally succumb to such microbial infections is consistently rising (50,000 patients in Germany alone, and more than 90,000 patients in the USA). Adexano® took up this challenge and developed a product which greatly reduces these risks, thus saving lives. The development took a while – but Adexano® is now proud to present the result, the latest generation of a multifunc-tional disinfectant, developed on the basis of chemical nanotechnology. This is a significant improvement in controlling communicable diseases and provid-ing patient safety! Bacoban® Bacoban® is the latest generation of disinfectants which, in contrast to con-ventional agents, displays — apart from the immediate germ-killing action — two more highly interesting features. Prolonged antimicrobial (bactericidal, fungicidal und and limited virucidal) effect After application, conventional disinfecting agents kill microorganisms, how-ever, re-colonization of freshly disinfected surfaces ensues after a very short period of time. The long-term antimicrobial property of Bacoban® was successfully demonstrated in the ASTM test, performed and certified by the Fresenius Institute. The ASTM test revealed that all bacteria examined (Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and E. coli) were completely destroyed within the first half hour, five days after having been applied to the disinfected sur-faces. In the same time interval, the counts of fungi (Aspergillus niger and Candida albicans) were reduced from 2 and 3 billion to 12,000 and 9,300, re-spectively. After 24 hours, they were also completely exterminated. Moreover, Bacoban displays effects against viruses, such as Hepatitis B and C, Vac-cinia, HIV, BVDV, Adenovirus, and several others. Easy-to-clean surface Bacoban® additionally produces an easy-to-clean surface. This effect was also tested and certified by the Fresenius Institute, by means of a standardized test (oil-dust wipe test). Basically, it can be said that Bacoban® reduces the effort of cleaning by more than 50%. The regular application of Bacoban® inevitably produces an additional im-provement of the surface with regard to its cleaning. In this case, nano-layers are successively formed that cover the surface, making it increasingly difficult for contaminations to adhere to it, ultimately accounting for an additionally improved condition of hygiene. Bacoban® is a high-developed and intelligent, GLP -certified, biocompatible "Nano-System" which actively supports the quality of infection control and the health of patients, nurses and doctors. Bacoban® is a disinfectant of the latest generation disposing of extraordi-nary properties, based on chemical nanotechnology. The high potential of Ba-coban® was confirmed by two independent testing facilities, the Fresenius Institute (Taunusstein) and the SGS Institute(Hamburg).

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