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 Saturday, September 22th



Innovative state of the art Digital Display Station and Surgical Tele-assistance Station fully equipped with Surround Sound system first of its kind in a UAE hospital O.R. Fujeirah Women’s hospital extension is the first in the Middle East to acquire Ermedi International’s latest comprehensive state-of-the-art operating-room digital display station and surgical tele-assistance system, the Digital MasterOR™. Following the successful launch of its comprehensive concept in O.R., the MasterOR™, Ermedi International offers surgeons the latest state-of-the-art fixed and mobile equipment which enables for the full digitalisation of O.R. practices, thus improving operative techniques and prognoses. Digital MasterOR™ is enhancing digital surgical tele-assistance and display station application with its unique invisible operating theatre surround communication sound system. Eric Huyskamp, of the French company Ermedi International who is responsible for the implementation of Digital MasterOR™ in the Middle East and the whole of Africa, said there is a need to develop the latest technologies and that there are few companies which are able to offer such a complete concept solution. The majority of these are solely concerned with localised digital applications, such as surgical lighting solutions or endoscopic devices, whereas the Digital MasterOR™ is able to incorporate the entire O.R. application. The Digital MasterOR™ incorporates multipurpose interactive surgical tele-assistance for transfer and visualisation of DICOM images and simultaneous videos C.A.S. date dual display as well as a multimedia display station with DICOM image and video access of all patient data, direct control and the possibility of instant annotation with touch screen. Furthermore, the Digital OR system incorporates the unique surround sound system whose sound boards turn walls or ceilings into acoustic sources providing excellent intra-mural communication and allows the surgeon increased freedom of movement between screens in the operating theatre without compromising the quality of interaction. The bi-directional network access offers free and easy access to telemedicine, the conference room inside the operating theatre and the doctor’s office at any time. In addition, the strategically placed cameras inside the O.R. (transmitting video display from the operating light over the patient, endoscopy camera, etc.) permit the audience outside the O.R. to follow the surgical activities. The low resolution storage USB key allows the surgeon the possibility to freeze and save on-the-spot images or sequences with annotation without having to do it from the work station. There are a number of other features available, such as light box film viewer, patient data access, screen capture, overlay, volume setting and assistance system.
Ermedi International will be present at Medexpo East Africa 2007 - 9/12 March , Dar-Es-Salaam, TANZANIA...
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